Holden Laminates

Holden Laminates

Laminating, Quilting, Wadding and Embroidery

Fabric Laminating Services

Our Fabric Laminating facilities offer enormous versatility for both us and our customers. We currently operate the following machines:

Reliant Machine

The Reliant Machine is a 2.2m wide flat bed fabric laminating machine. The machine can laminate using powders, webs, films, breathable and non breathable and also fusing interlinings.

Machtex Machine

Our Machtex machine is capable of laminating fabrics up to 70”. This method of lamination uses a spray adhesive system. The main advantage of using lamination is the time saved in labour during the cutting stage.

  • Fabrics can be laminated using polyester wadding, foam and needlefelt.
  • Fabric can be supplied in roll form from 5 cm to 6.75 metres wide and also in cut.
  • The weight range is 90 g/m2 to 1400 g/m2 using fibres from 1.7 Dtex to 33 Dtex including polyester, acrylic, nylon, polypropylene, vicose and natural wool to produce waddings and needlepunched felt services.


Market Sector Bonding Range
Children’s Clothing Cotton fabrics, nylon/jersey fabrics up to 2 metres laminated with wadding and also laminated double-sided with Fabric or scrim backers
Car Seats Fabrics laminated with wadding/foam, either single or double sided laminate using Corovin or Velcro receptive brush backing fabric
Oven Gloves/Ironing Board Covers Fabrics laminated with foam/needlefelt single or double sided.
Bedding Trade Towelling laminated to PVC/films or breathable films and non-breathable films. Quilted cotton fabrics or Corovin fabric with wadding and laminated with PVC backer. Pinsonic quilted fabrics laminated with PVC backer
Ticking/Stretch Velour Fabrics Ticking fabrics up to 220cm laminated using needlefelt backer and slit to usable widths. Most fabrics i.e. stretch type velours can be laminated using different deniers of felt.
Upholstery/Home Base Curtain liner fabric laminated with wadding for soft handle and good drape. Curtain liner fabrics laminated to fleece. Upholstery fabrics-chenille’s/suede laminated to wadding, foam or needlefelt.
Hospital/Nursing Homes PU Film laminate double sided with wadding for wipe clean duvet product. Inco felt supplied and laminated with brush outer and PVC backer
Industrial Laminations suitable for filtration products
Lingerie Lightweight fabrics suitable for lingerie laminated to latex foam. Aramid fabrics laminated to film and cut top shape
Needlefelt The weight range is 90g/m2 to 1400 g/m2 using fibres from 1.7 Dtex to 33 Dtex including polyester, acrylic, nylon, polypropylene, viscose, and natural wool to product waddings and needlepunched felt services

Quilting Services

The quilting Department operates using modern machines which can quilt up to 100” wide. Our computerised machines are capable of producing large range of different designs. We have fast, efficient turnaround and also have full sampling facilities. We supply quilting for clothing, horse rugs, childrens car seat covers, mattress protectors, incontinence products etc.

Wadding Services

The Wadding Department now produced waddings from 30g to 1400g and up to 3.4 metres wide. We can manufacture waddings using a variety of different fibres, and have calendering, needling and compression facilities.

We supply waddings to many Industrial Markets, including the Civil Engineering, Safety, Upholstery and Bedding Markets.

Embroidery Services

The Embroidery Department has been established for over 25 years. It has concentrated on supplying the clothing, school wear, sportswear and household textile trade. Our modern factory includes full sampling facilities and has the capacity to undertake substantial orders if required using 82 heads.

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