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Thermoplastic Coated Fabrics


Dunlop Greengate have been producing coated fabrics for over 100 years and now specialise in Thermoplastic Coatings.

Dunlop Greengate has a dedicated team with the necessary skills, a wide range of processing techniques, and the will to achieve the best solution for your company. As technology increases as at an ever-increasing rate, you need confidence that your supply chain will already be working on improving your product. Dunlop Greengate offer a development Service tailored to Customers unique specifications with a signed secrecy agreement.

Product Range - Thermoplastic Coatings

Our range of thermoplastic coated fabrics include: Polyether Polyurethane coatings, Polyester Polyurethane Coatings, Polypropylene polyethylene coatings, EVA and Hytrel coatings.

We manufacture thermoplastic coated fabrics - i.e. polyurethane coated textile, polypropylene coated textile, polyethylene coated textile for the Safety, Industrial, and Civil Engineering Markets.

End products include products such as:

  • Inflatable buildings
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Carpet Backings with water proof and non-slip properties
  • Life rafts and liferaft canopies
  • Evacuation slides
  • Survival suits
  • Primary and secondary seals for oil tanks
  • Helicopter covers and aircraft covers

Safety and Marine Markets

We have a range of coated fabrics for the inflatable lifesaving/marine markets. These include life raft canopy materials, life raft buoyancy materials, life jacket materials, diving suit materials. These weldable coated textiles were developed with the customer’s needs in mind to combat the natural hazards of the sea.

Industrial Market

Our technical coated textiles are used in sewer rehabilitation projects, radomes, aerospace, helium holding balloons for advertising, chemical suit material, oil boom materials and many more end applications.

Defence Market

Products for the defence market are customer specific and applications range from survival suits to lifejackets to rucksack liners. Supply of complete helicopter or aircraft covers, fabricated from our own specially designed coated fabrics.

Substrates and Flexible Manufacturing

Dunlop Greengate coat with many different textiles, including polyamide, polyester, cotton, felt, leather, woven and non woven, needle punched felt and carpets. We offer a wide range of textile widths, weights and capabilities.

Let us discuss your requirements; we may already have the solution. If not, we can almost certainly design the ideal material for you.

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